Upcoming Cultural Events in the UK

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Culture plays a large role in the arts in the UK and creates many possibilities through festivals and events to witness the love there is for different art forms, cultures, and traditions. These festivals are seen as the bridge between keeping art and culture alive and known to different countries.

All the festivals on this list are being celebrated in the UK with a passion and dedication to its overall mission. Together with extreme sports, these festivals are among the most popular activities for tourists.

Diwali – Leicester – 24 October

Known as the Festival of Light to tourists, Diwali is a 5-day celebration festival happening in Sikh, Hindu, and Jain communities throughout the UK. Outside of India, the Festival of Light is seen as one of the biggest Diwali celebrations in the world.

Glastonbury Festival – 22 to 26 June

Music stands at the top of the cultural powerhouse that Britain holds in its arts. At the Glastonbury festival 200,000 music fans attend the festival to celebrate life, existence, and great music. During the festival, Worthy Farm turns into a small city full of stages and performances with more than 30 campsites for attendees to camp out for the remainder of the festival.

The biggest international bands and musicians attend the festival and have seen many legendary local bands reunite at the festival.

Notting Hill Carnival – 27 to 29 August

Notting Hill Carnival is known to be Europe’s largest street festival and attracts nearly two and a half million attendees each year. The first time Notting Hill Carnival took place was in 1966 and already then showed promise of becoming part of British culture due to the colourful elements and lively atmosphere it brings to the streets of Notting Hill.

Salsa, reggae, and Caribbean music and food are widely available and add to the feel of attending a real street carnival.

Glasgow Film Festival – End of February

The film industry is one of the most important aspects of culture. Films revisit and reimagine historical moments, biographies, science fiction, and more. It embraces many cultural elements and traditions. Films give a chance for culture and traditions to not die out and be learned easily by anybody who watches the films.

The Glasgow film festival takes place every year at the end of February to showcase cult classics, art-house, and late films.

London Fashion Week – September and February

Fashion has a role in culture as many cultures have specific fashion choices and traditional clothing they wear. Culture has also influenced specific fashion elements throughout the whole world. With the London Fashion Week, fashion enthusiasts and designers have a chance to take part in one of the biggest fashion festivals in the world twice a year.

The festival features some of the most well-known designers showcasing their latest designs.

Attend any of the festivals and events of n this article to experience some of Britain’s most celebrated arts and cultural celebrations.