Most Popular Extreme Sports in the UK

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With extreme sports being participated in professionally as well as for fun, adrenaline-filled activities, it is easy to find places throughout the UK to participate. With the UK weather and natural landscapes being unique, some extreme sports are more popular with the British population.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular extreme sports in the UK.


Although motocross has been around for a long time, it has only recently started to gain more popularity as an extreme sport. With the rise in popularity, more tracks and clubs have also been created to be able to assist all the participants and fans of the sport in taking part and learning more about it.

The rise in popularity has also seen many competitions and championships taking place and attracting more people to the sport. With a special love for motocross in South East England, it is the best destination in the UK to visit if you want to take part in motocross activities.

Kite Surfing

Popular adrenaline-pumping sport in the UK and one of the most accessible. Throughout the UK, there are many beaches to practice kite surfing which has created a large following of adrenaline junkies looking to try this newly discovered extreme sport. With the sport gaining more popularity, kite surfing schools and instructors are found all over the coast of the UK.

The popularity of kite surfing hasn’t always been as high as it is now and only peaked in popularity in 2016 when over 139 000 people were recorded to have participated in kite surfing.


Wakeboarding is one of the fastest-growing extreme sports that can be tried by anybody interested. It is a water sport that is similar to skiing yet much harder and more complicated to perfect.

The sport only became a pr0minent water sport in the 1980s when surfers were trying to create a new way of surfing where there would be more speed involved.


The UK is blessed with over 11 000 miles of coastline, which has been a hotspot for surfers all over the world. Sheltered beach breaks, barrelling waves, and the most important natural elements that provide a great surfing experience are active on the UK coastline.

The love for this extreme sport can be seen in the Beach Boys culture that became prominent in the 1960s. This was a time when more people were travelling and experiencing new cultures and ideologies, which introduced the sport to the British population in no time.

Extreme sport is gaining more popularity throughout the UK and is slowly becoming one of the go-to destinations for a variety of sports. The extreme sports listed in this article are all actively participated in in the UK and bring adrenaline junkies a newfound means to have fun.