Britain is extremely varied with different cultures and traditions and provides activities to entertain and keep people interested in their own cultures and learn about other cultures.

These blogs provide vital information on the current cultural happenings throughout the UK.

We are Chester –

The We Are Chester blog is one of the most popular blogs to learn more about the culture of Chester. Whether a visitor to Chester or a local, this is one of the most knowledgeable blogs to visit to learn about cultural happenings and find out about activities to take part in.  The blog posts regular updates and reliable information.

Far Out Magazine –

Far Out Magazine is a well-known magazine in the UK which is focused on all things culture. The magazine releases cultural news about the world and specialises in arts such as music, film, tv, art, photography, and pop culture.

ArtMag –

Art Mag is based in the UK and stands as one of the country’s most recognised arts and culture magazines. The magazine is the highest circulated and most widely distributed magazine in Scotland, with readers trusting the magazine for its dedication to Scottish and British culture and art. The magazine releases reliable and updated information regularly.

London Culture Blog –

London Culture Blog was established in 2012 and provides everything that is needed now regarding cultural and arts events and festivals. London is the epicentre of the UK and provides a variety of arts to the public, including theatres, live music, cinemas, and more.

I am Birmingham –

Birmingham has many cultural values to learn about. This blog provides vital information on all cultural happenings and activities taking place in Birmingham. The blog posts up to two posts each day and helps anybody staying in or visiting Birmingham to stay up to date on all the latest local cultural news.

Visit these blogs or contact Lifestyles Festival to stay up to date on all the latest news around culture and extreme sports that resemble some of the most enjoyable activities throughout the UK.